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Baby Mattress Buying Guide _TOP_

We have been testing crib mattresses for over 13 years, giving us the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect baby mattress for your infant or toddler. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect crib mattress for your family!

baby mattress buying guide

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How do we arrive at our annual list of the best crib mattresses? This article will guide you through the process and help you confidently find the best crib mattress for your family; but if you have additional questions, please reach out to us on email or Facebook and we'll be happy to help!

Needless to say, most parents don't like the idea of their baby sleeping on a crib mattress that is off-gassing harmful chemicals such as flame retardants, plastic precursors, dyes, and adhesives. Here are some of the most common VOCs that study found in crib mattresses:

Breathability: Many parents seek breathable crib mattress covers and cores just in case their baby rolls over and their face is pressed against the mattress. Most foam and innerspring mattresses are not highly breathable. The cover itself might be breathable, but the foam core itself is likely not. The top-rated and amazing Newton Wovenaire mattress uses a polymer core and mattress cover that are both highly breathable, making it a popular option.

Many modern foam and polymer mattresses increase the structural rigidity of the mattress near the edges, to mimic some of the edge support you'd expect in an innerspring crib mattress. We suggest looking for a mattress with ample edge support, to prevent sagging at the sides especially as your baby grows into a toddler.

Trust us, your baby does not know the difference between sleeping on a 4" thick memory foam versus an appropriately firm crib mattress. It's simply not worth the risk of unsafe sleep. And to be fair, back-sleeping is best on a relatively firm mattress anyway, even for adults!

Transition to the softer side of the crib mattress around 12 months, which is a good time to flip the mattress over. Of course, this might vary based on developmental milestones or if you had a premature baby, so be sure to check with your child's pediatrician before making the decision to flip your mattress.

Breathability helps for a few reasons. First, it helps alleviate anxiety about your baby's nose and mouth resting against the mattress and having highly restricted breathing. Second, in warmer months and hotter climates, breathability will help keep the mattress cool.

Never use an additional mattress pad on a crib mattress unless your baby is over 12 months of age. The increased softness offered by a mattress pad comes with the trade-off of reduced safety and increased risk of SIDS.

What if we told you that a vibrating crib mattress could help your baby fall asleep faster, get higher quality sleep, sleep longer through the night, reduce colic symptoms, and help fussy babies self-soothe?

Why buy an organic crib mattress? Because of the constant neurodevelopmental changes happening from birth, newborns and infants have increased vulnerability to repeated exposure to toxic mattress emissions. For this reason, we suggest considering a crib mattress that is at least Greenguard Certified, if not also certified organic, which will reduce the likelihood that harsh and potentially harmful chemicals are used during manufacturing and will be off-gassing during use. This includes not only the crib mattress itself but also the crib mattress protector. Remember that your baby will be spending many hours sleeping (fingers crossed!) with their faces and bodies against the crib, breathing the air, and getting fibers on their mucous membranes. Why not lower the risk while also encouraging safe manufacturing of baby products?

Why are crib mattresses so hard and firm? Organizations like the CPSC, AAP, and NIH agree that a firm sleeping surface is best for newborns and infants. The mattress should not only be firm, but also fit tightly into the crib. Never place anything in the crib with a newborn or infant, including pillows, bumper pads, blankets, or toys. The good news is that you'll rest assured that your baby is safer while sleeping on a firm surface, and dual-firmness crib mattresses will let you flip to a softer side when your toddler hits the right age.

When to lower crib mattress? When your baby begins to sit up, you will want to lower the crib mattress height from the top setting to about the middle setting. When your baby begins to pull up on their own, you will want to lower the crib mattress to its lowest setting.

If your baby rolls onto their stomach in the middle of the night, a breathable mattress allows them to breathe straight through it and helps to reduce the risk of suffocation. That is no small advantage! And it provides a lot of peace of mind for you, too.

No matter which crib mattress you choose for your baby, it is essential that you follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for safe sleep. This includes putting your baby to sleep on his/her back and removing all toys, blankets, pillows or other things that could potentially suffocate your baby during the night.

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Mattress is a favorite lightweight and cheap mattress at a little over 7 lbs and only $88.20. It has a waterproof surface to protect your baby from mold and mildew. This mattress is GREENGUARD certified and fits standard crib sizes.

Many people approach mattress shopping in the wrong way, by focusing solely on measures of firmness level or sleep position, considering only the price, or choosing materials and technology touted in an ad. But that approach might land you a not-so-comfy mattress that you could regret buying.

Your little ones mattress could be the key ingredient to help them get a good and safe nights sleep. With so many varieties, materials and differing opinions out there, it can make buying the perfect mattress a tricky one. But with newborn's spending on average 14 hours a day sleeping, we know how important it is to get the right mattress for your little one, so we want to help! This guide will help you decide which mattress works best for your family and why.

Mattress depth is also something to note. The space between the top of the mattress and cot should be big enough to prevent your child from attempting to climb out. Again, your cot will most likely come with a user guide detailing the recommended depth and size to make it easier to know which size to get. Any mattress you choose should conform to BS 1877-10: 1997. It should also be at least 8cm to 10cm deep to support your baby while they sleep.

Foam mattresses are usually the cheapest option when it comes to baby mattresses. They are generally the lightest type and are easy to clean as they often have a PVC wipe-clean material one side and offer good support. However, they do tend to lose their shape over time so these would be better for short-term use in a moses basket or crib. Foam is also considered to be less breathable than some other options on the market.

From the Mamas & Papas range of baby cot and cot bed mattresses, the Essential Spring Mattress has been designed to offer a supportive and protective night's sleep for your baby and has a removable cover that can be washed at home. The mattress is available on its own or can be bought as part of a bundle including items such as waterproof protector or anti-allergy protector.

A great choice for your baby's first mattress, the Mamas & Papas Essential Fibre Cot Bed Mattress is an inexpensive mattress that features a water repellent and removable cover to help protect against those inevitable little accidents. Hypoallergenic to protect against dust mites and allergens, the mattress can also be rotated to offer a good level of support for longer. Also available in a smaller cot size.

This Mamas & Papas package includes the Premium Pocket Spring Cot Bed Mattress (see above) as well as a quilted waterproof mattress protector offering great value for money. Not only will the mattress protector help keep your baby's sleeping quarters clean and dry, it also adds an extra soft layer thanks to a pure cotton outer layer and super-soft wadding. Snuggle-tastic.

This Truefit Classic Cot Bed Mattress offers 190 individual pocket springs which work hard to optimally support your baby ensuring a calm and peaceful night's sleep. It also features breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics which dry rapidly thanks to their moisture-wicking capabilities. The TrueFit design also offers peace of mind as the mattress fits snuggly into the corners of your cot resulting in a good fit along the edges too. Also available in a premium and superior model.

Available in standard cot and cot bed sizes, the ClevaMama Ultimate Comfort Pocket Sprung Mattress is unsurprisingly, a very clever mattress. Packed full of individual carbon steel coil pocket springs it adapts to support the changing needs of your child as they grow, offering support and comfort in all the right places! The mattress also features Clevafoam for an extra comfy sleep and has been proven to reduce pressure on your baby's head aiding the prevention of Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome).

With a pocket spring core and wrapped with a soft flatweave cover, the breathable and hypoallergenic Obaby Pocket Sprung Mattress offers bang for your buck and meets the highest of safety standards. Encasing the springs is a high density foam offering a comfy surface for your baby's slumber - and the cover is water resistant and removable if you want to give it a freshen up. Obaby mattresses also come with additional peace of mind as you will get a 2 year guarantee (UK and Ireland) as long as you register your purchase within 28 days.

Babyletto makes an effort to produce sustainable products by using recycled materials and partnering with and One Tree Planted to offset carbon emissions from its shipping operations. In addition to mattresses and replacement covers, the company sells baby cribs, dressers, bed conversion kits, and other furniture. 041b061a72


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