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Sims 4 Std Mod

Hi, a bit of a backstory. I am someone who suffers from trypophbia. Long story short, while playing Sims 4 my sims got sick and one of the illness in particular triggered my phobia causing me to have an anxiety attack and massive itching. i love playing the sims, u have played it since the 1st ever sims and i am not going to lie this has stressed me out to the point where i am only willing to do builds instead of live play. i really hope the sims team does something about this in the future. If anyone knows how to turn it off that would be a massive help and i would be so grateful.

sims 4 std mod

That's true, and I have that trait as well (my sims have over 20 traits usually) However, the mod I mentioned UI Cheats can remove the moodlet (sickness/problem) deletion in one click.. it can also add and remove traits and many other actions I do use many of Coolspears mods as well, but as the o.p seemed to be new to mods, this mod seemed the quickest, and with 'all in one' features js

@queenlouise88I'm having the same problem i found a skin overlay mod on mod the sims but the modder (peterskywalker!)hasn't updated it in awhile but it's my last hope honestly i might have to take get to work out of my game because it is very triggering. ( i honestly don't even know if that will make it go away) it was the strips for me it was so sudden and it just is burned in my brain of him with the tiger strips and his girlfriend with the--- yeah-- But I'm in the same situation as you with the phobia.

Female sims often don't see quite as much attention as they deserve, as the game seems happy to gloss over female puberty and menstruation. But Wonderful Whims gives the player the choice to include a fully functioning menstrual cycle to their sims will affect their moods. They've also included the option to make conception not as easy as the base game makes it. Female sims will ovulate and have their own cycles which will affect their fertility.


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