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Mark Wherry: The Man Who Invents Sounds for Hans Zimmer and Film Scoring

when asked about developing "dj sets" for his own use, wherry stated: i like the idea of doing some of that. there are some little projects that ive done in the studio, when ive been sitting there and wanting to move around a little bit. one of the things i did was i did a couple of years ago in my studio. i was trying to make the engine i invented for the games version of panzer dragoon into a real piece of equipment. i can barely play it now, but i managed to get it to the point where i could actually play it. i can play it backwards, forwards, fling it around the room, do crazy things and make it sound like it was designed to do that. [11]

Interview: Mark Wherry, Man Behind Hollywood’s Digital Musical Instruments, Hans Zimmer Collabora

when asked about working with zimmer, wherry commented: the best thing about working with hans is his process, and how he processes everything, and the other interesting thing is, he really researches it. he will take a look at something that he has already done or heard and get an insight into it. its really interesting when he hears or does something and then can synthesize it into something that he has never heard before. i think its amazing that he can remember as much as he does. [3]

zimmer's work with jonathan coulton, musician of the comedy duo plain pat, for the 2009 film epic, earned him a grammy award for best song written for a motion picture, television or other visual media. [68] in 2013, he won the songwriter of the year and best original song for his contributions to the film the book of eli. [69] he is also the composer of the theme music for the bbc's sherlock series.


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