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Yahoo To Shut Down Qwiki, Yahoo Education And The Yahoo Directory

Yahoo announced Friday that it's shutting down Yahoo Directory, along with two other products: Yahoo Education, a portal for education services, and Qwiki, an app for creating short movies from videos on a mobile device.

Yahoo To Shut Down Qwiki, Yahoo Education And The Yahoo Directory

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But the real significance, if only sentimentally, is the shutting down of Yahoo's Directory -- once the cornerstone of the company. The service, a search tool for a bygone era, lists popular sites by category, instead of surfacing search results by keyword, like search engines such as Google allow. Before Yahoo was Yahoo, company co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo created the directory in 1994, calling it "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web."

The directory will officially close December 31, and advertisers will be given details on getting upgraded to a new service, he said. The shutdown is part of the company's attempt to streamline its product offerings. The company has shuttered more than 60 products in the last two years, said Rossiter.

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